About Us


  • History

    Founded 50 years ago, Funes de Rioja & Asociados formed a professional team designed to achieve an innovative goal:  expertise in labor law and industrial relations, addressing not only the local field but also focusing on the globalization of the production chains and a wide experience in international matters.  

    In times of technological modernization and globalization, we have succeeded in being a fundamental tool for enterprises and public and private bodies requiring advice on sensitive matters like human relationships and the rendering of personal services

    Since the very beginning, the partners of Funes de Rioja & Asociados have been participating as representatives and consultants in the meetings of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Organization of American States (OAS), the International Organization of Employers (IOE), the G20 and, particularly, the B20.

    Our experience in the private field, in addition to the knowledge gained during the privatization processes and the legal assistance on this matter provided to the Government, has allowed us to develop - both in the consulting and judicial area-  our own follow-up procedures based on the most advanced formulas, tending to harmonize the legal analysis with the contingency and risk assessment, the evaluation of labor exposure and the corporate organizational productivity. During all these years of practice, we have gained the highest level of expertise that, through our administrative, accounting, technical and IT organizational structure, provides assistance and counsel to the enterprises in relation to the fulfillment of their business goals and mission.

    At the same time, we have developed a Quality Management System and certified ISO 9001:2000 granted by IQNET and IRAM. We have joined Ius Laboris, the most important international alliance of first-line law firms specialized in labor and employment law, retirement and social benefits.

    This profile of Funes de Rioja & Asociados makes it a unique law firm and, in this regard, through the continuous improvement of the services rendered to our clients, we strive to maintain our leadership in this field.

  • International Practice

    Funes de Rioja & Asociados is member of Ius Laboris, the most important international alliance of first-line law firms specialized in labor and employment law, retirement and social benefits.

    Ius Laboris’ headquarters are in Belgium. The Alliance covers the main European and American jurisdictions. Currently, it is present in 160 cities in 49 countries with more than 1400 lawyers specialized in the abovementioned areas of Law. It is the biggest alliance of independent lawyers gathered in the legal field.

  • Associate Lawfirms Network

    Funes de Rioja & Asociados is devoted to the rendering of highly qualified and efficient labor and employment law services throughout the Republic of Argentina.

    For such purpose, we have developed a wide network of provincial associate law firms and lawyers providing a wide geographic coverage.

    We have designed a joint work system with each associate law firm.   Funes de Rioja & Asociados retains the technical responsibility and control in order to guarantee the quality and expertise that distinguishes us. At the same time and based on the ISO 9001:2008, we perform a regular evaluation and follow-up of the professional service that each associate law firm provides.

    Through this network we guarantee an excellent coverage of our national territory.

  • Clients

    Our traditional client portfolio is composed by national and international enterprises mainly from:

    • Germany
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • Chile
    • Spain
    • United States of America
    • France
    • Italy
    • Mexico
    • South Africa
    • Uruguay

    We cover a wide variety of sectors. Among them:

    • Automotive
    • Banks
    • Insurance
    • Bottling
    • Exports and Imports
    • Construction
    • Real Estate
    • Agricultural
    • Cereal and Foodstuff
    • Transport
    • Health
    • Foundations and other NGOs
    • Oil
    • Petrochemical
    • Energy
    • Retail
    • Services
    • Security and Armored Transport
    • Technology
    • Massive Consumption

    Based on the counseling services that we rendered during the privatization processes that took place in Argentina during the 90s, our clients include multinational companies belonging to the following sectors and industries:

    • Telephone services
    • Generation, transport and distribution of energy
    • Gas generation and transport
    • Subways
    • Railroad
    • Insurance and Banking
    • Air transportation
    • Television
    • Oil exploration and drilling

    Among other clients, there are also important chambers that gather the country’s main productive sectors.

    Regarding the public sector, we have provided our services to the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina, the “Banco Hipotecario Nacional” National Mortgage Bank and, within the Government itself-  the Ministry of Economy and Public Works.

    We have participated in the drafting and discussion of the collective bargaining agreements of the automotive sector, spare parts, insurance, banking, soft drinks and IT companies among others.

  • Education & Training

    The Labor Law and the industrial relations system are the more dynamic branches of the legal sciences. Because of this, it is essential to focus on permanent training and the upgrading of skills of those with an active participation in the decision-making process of each company.

    Therefore, from the very beginning, Funes de Rioja & Asociados has been strongly committed with academic education.  A large number of our partners is also member of the academic bodies of the most prestigious universities in the country.   

    At institutional level, Funes de Rioja & Asociados organizes and coordinates the Post Graduate Programs specialized in Labor and Employment Law, Social Security and Human Resources of important universities.  Also, as part of our risk-prevention policy, we offer an in-company training system related to labor and employment matters. To this end, we have a wide variety of technological and computing systems that facilitate these processes.

  • Awards and recognitions

    The Legal 500

    Funes De Rioja & Asociados has been recommended as a TOP TIER FIRM in 1 practice area: 


    - Labour and employment 

    3 lawyers are listed in The Legal 500 Latin America 2016 "Leading lawyers" list.


    Labour and employment
    - Daniel Funes de Rioja
    - Eduardo Viñales
    - Ignacio Funes de Rioja

    4 lawyers are recommended in The Legal 500 Latin America 2016's editorial


    Labour and employment
    - Carlos López
    - Daniel Funes de Rioja
    - Ignacio Capurro
    - Ignacio Funes de Rioja


    The Legal 500 - The Clients Guide to Law Firms

    Labour and Employment leading firms “A sizeable, dedicated boutique, Funes de Rioja & Asociados incorporates 35 lawyers and handles the full gamut of labour and employment law, social security issues and HR.  Strength and experience is provided by a team of senior partners with over 20 yars in practice, and by a group of younger partners trained in-house. Clients describe the team as “outstanding in its knowledge, advice and management of litigious issues”. “Funes de Rioja is the oldest boutique in the market focusing exclusively on labour law and is especially well known for its excellent track record in litigation.  Sources say: “The team is first-rate – all the lawyers are absolutely top-class”.  The firm acts for a high-profile clientele, including MetLife, Santander, Repsol YPF and Telecom Argentina.  


    Chambers Latin America - Leading Firm